About Dynek

Dynek is a leading, family owned manufacturer of sutures, committed to technical and surgical excellence. Established in 1974, Dynek has a proud history of innovation and quality, as the only Australian manufacturer of sutures.

Working from our dedicated clean room facilities in Adelaide, South Australia, our team of highly skilled technicians hand-swage, wind and package a broad range of premium quality, absorbable and non-absorbable sutures that comply with and often exceed the strict regulatory and legal standards relevant to each location where Dynek sutures are sold.

We export globally to over sixty countries, where our sutures are supplied to hospitals, day surgeries, dental clinics, skin cancer clinics, GPs, vets, government agencies and humanitarian agencies.

Our singular focus and understanding of the unique needs of the medical profession are the foundations of customer-centred and consultative relationships we foster with our customers in Australia and around the world. These relationships, along with the excellence of our products, are the key to our reputation as a world class manufacturer and supplier of surgical products.

When purchasing sutures, for excellent patient outcomes, insist on the technical quality and surgical excellence of Australian made Dynek sutures.


Providing world-class quality and reliability

The Dynek team is totally committed to the successful implementation and maintenance of Total Quality Control. Quality goals are achieved by the development and constant refining of Standard Operating Procedures, thorough training, and continuous personnel education.

Dynek sutures are manufactured to Standard ISO 13485.

Dynek is a company in which Total Quality Control is placed above all other considerations, a company whose primary task is absolute customer satisfaction and confidence in a product manufactured with pride under the Dynek trademark.

Briefly, Dynek’s Quality Assurance Program is executed by:

  • The employment of a team of Microbiologists to oversee quality procedures.
  • The validation of all incoming material to documented quality standards.
  • Ongoing Quality control checks made on all aspects of suture manufacture.
  • Strict testing procedures carried out to exacting quality standards.
  • The commitment of all personnel to support the company mandate to achieve, at all times, quality in excess of that specified by world standards.

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